During the Shoot



We’ll start with some test shots, just to confirm that make up and hair look good. As we shoot, each image will instantly display on a large monitor, and from time to time we’ll take a break to review what we’ve done, evaluate what is working, and look for what needs to be tweaked. It is important to give your feedback during the shoot based on what we see on screen. While we are working together, it is easy to make adjustments. We’re looking for the right gesture and expression to convey who you are as a unique, confident, capable and trustworthy individual. I’ll be coaching, directing, and encouraging you as we work together towards achieving that goal.

I make the process relaxed and comfortable. We take our time when shooting. Everyone needs some time to warm up and get into a groove. My goal is to give you a variety of images with a range of expression, so that by the end of shooting, you’ll have many candidates from which to make your final selections. We’ll shoot until we get to that point, and then shoot a little more. As far as your scheduling goes, allow for some flexibility, just in case we need that time.